Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Organization 102: The Raskog

The Raskog:

What would modern scrapbooking be without the Raskog?  It is the cart of choice for bakers and crafters alike.  So versatile and beautiful.  Not to mention I have the matching chair!   I have seen good and bad uses for them.  Some chose to pack it so full it loses all function.   What good is it if it just sits there, too full to use?   So here it is, my Raskog.  As I said in yesterday's post, it has three Antonious containers in it.  

Top Tier: Commonly used items.

Middle Tier:  Hip Kit and coordinating goodies

Bottom Tier:  In this picture the bottom tier contained all of my "non-Crate Paper" items.

Full picture of my current set up.  The little metal round container are also from Ikea.  They are magnetic spice containers from the kitchen section.  

                As always, thanks for visiting my blog.  Stop by tomorrow for more scrappy fun!

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